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One of the first projects I ever made in Win32 C++/OpenGL. I made this before leaving high school, I remember that much, so its pre-Y2K. Same with Weak and a few others I'm sure. An easy way to distinguish the classics from my other projects is that they typically don't depend upon any of my libraries.

The closer to the middle line your ship is, the faster you move forward. The checkpoints are transparent rings that you fly through. My intersection code is buggy so sometimes it doesn't notice you've flown through a ring. In older versions the maps were loaded from Quake1 .map files, but later I wrote a track generator. The whole track would be one parametric function, a circle or something, that was twisted into knots through a description file.

As in Space is the Place, all textures are fractal generated and all models are hand-crafted.

E move forward
D move backwards
S move left
F move right
R move up
V move down
I turn down
K turn up
J turn left
L turn right
U roll left
O roll right
Download the Source Code Here
Download the Windows Binary Here