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Space is the Place

The name came from an old Cartoon Network commercial. Sounded catchy. Whereas Weak was my first game ported from Visual Basic 1.0, this was one of my first projects ported from DJGPP. The original project was one I wrote back . . . back in my day when you had to do all your polygon rasterization by hand!

All textures are fractals created by me, either using Ultra Fractal or by an in-house fractal generator. All the models are also self-done, using an in-house modeling program. The modeling program I wrote for DJGPP, and sadly didn't back up before losing my hard drive. Because of which I don't have coded some of the advanced features used by this game, such as texturing and what not. C'est la vie.

Up move forward
Down move back
Left Click fire
Shift aim without moving
Control cycle previous weapon
Insert cycle next weapon
P pause
Download the Source Code Here
Download the Windows Binary Here