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3D Iterated Function Set Generator

I used to be really into 2D IFS's. I did a lot of infinite series and spiral mathematics when I was in high school. Then I learned about quaternion space, and I ran with that for years. This is one of the many byproducts of me attempting to mix the two together. I made it (along with the others) back when I was a bigger nature fan. I still am, but I don't spend quite as much time marveling at it. Not as much as I probably should.

This was one of the rare few projects which I made the mistake of coding in MFC. I'm so so sorry. Don't worry, since then I've learned my lesson.

Fractal systems are becoming more and more powerful every day. Applications span just about every field - from stock market graphs to earthquake predictions to shorelines, clouds, mountain ranges, rivers, and plant life. I would like someone to dig into its application to sound if they ever get the chance.

Keep pressing the 'Randomize' button if you get lost.

After really getting into this, I realized I would eventually want more control than a simple power-of-two-style function set. From there came thoughts on making this fully multi-fractal capable, with rules and everything else. The final results paralleled L-systems pretty closely, and to my best I coded it up at the time as my Digital Growth project.

Left-Click-and-Drag rotate IFS tree
Right-Click-and-Drag translate IFS tree
Shift-Right-Click-and-Drag move tree in or out
Download the Windows Binary Here
Download the Source Code Here