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You wouldn't want to see Asteroids3D Version 1. Trust me, its not pretty. Maybe someday I'll show it. This is oldschool enough -- no scripter, iffy collision detection, and a few other things. Pros: multilayer/ multitexture compatible renderer on cards that usually supported two units at most. Made for some cool effects. Specially designed to add in counterstrike cube environment maps into the background -- if you have counterstrike installed, and in the exact same location as the computer I developed this on. Its a fun game - I hope you enjoy it.

All models are in the house. Format is the old-fashion custom model format found in Space is the Place, as well as a few other of my programs. This is especially cool, because I added in a LOD collapse table to the end of the file. That way as models get further away, their poly count auto-reduces. It mattered back then, when my card was so slow.

This was one of my only projects that implemented the CDAudio module. Type 'CDPlayer' at the console. Oh, if you didn't know, press '~' to get into the console. From there right-click and rotate to rotate the CD player buttons. Click them to activate them. Yes, that eject button will open up your CD drive. You'd better believe it.

This was somewhat inspired by my love of Star Fox. SNES.

I've tried many variations: with realistic drifting, without it; with rocks destroying themselves, without it. Its hard to fine-tune this game. The worse is how damage to your ship is physically accurate. Impace impulse forces can be so random - its really hard to judge anything accurately. Well, like the original, any hit should be death-worthy, right?

This was created before I knew the importance of writing your client and server code separately. So much for making this multiplayer.

W move forward
S move back
A roll left
D roll right
X change view
Move Mouse turn ship
Left-Click fire rocket
Right-Click fire gatling gun
Middle-Click fire bomb
F shoot a ball thing out of the nose of your ship
Space fire / release my experimental grappling hook
N spawn an enemy unit
M respawn your ship back at the start (without resetting the game)
Esc return to the main menu
Download the Source Code (v2) Here
Download the Windows Binary (v2) Here
Download the Windows Binary (v1.1) Here
Download the Source Code (v1) Here
Download the Windows Binary (v1) Here
Source Code Dependencies M_System3D , M_Math3D , M_Foundation , M_CDPlayer