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Genetic Algorithm Pathfinding

Pathfinding based upon a genetic algorithm. It never worked well, no matter how much I tuned it. Its no wonder within a year I stopped believing in evolution.

On that topic, once I read a blog posted by an atheist programmer familiar with the field of genetic and evolutionary algorithms. He went out and said, 'I'm not yet buying into this Intelligent Design deal, but after working with Genetic Algorithms as much as I have - amidst all the fine tuning and human guiding that they require - I think its pretty clear that evolution could not have occurred by pure randomness.' I completely agree, all save his thoughts on Intelligent Design. I don't think it's pure coincidence that all art we create and all technology we invent - with all the intent we can muster and will by which we design - still does not rival that which we observe in nature. How can we say that our own design attempts are being mastered by a byproduct of randomness? If we see intention and will within the effects of our own labor, why can't we give credit to what we witness occurring at a far grander scheme?

All I'm saying is - with the shift towards science emulation biology in the last decade/century or so, with the advent of wetware and information systems and inventions like velcro and what not - all modeled after what we find in nature - we are all tossing in the towel pretty quickly - abandoning our own creative ideas in exchange for those we witness tried and true around us in nature - and such a thing would be sad if we are letting ourselves be defeated by entropic randomness (that which we observe it all becoming). Or maybe it wasn't random to begin with . . .

To clarify (and possibly use terms in direct contrast that I did earlier) its not that I don't think evolution works. Its that I'm sure it can't without a strong source of entropy reversal. Therefore it seems just as likely that life came to be through any other process than it did evolution. What I am arguing (strongly) against is naturalism, nihilism, and the assumption that all this could have arisen from nothing by pure coincidence.

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Source Code Dependencies M_System3D , M_Math3D , M_Foundation