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GPU Image Flow

During winter term of 2007 I took an Image Flow and Synthesis class. I have yet to post any of the code to the projects we did there. They included things like Gaussian pyramids and painterly rendering. I made some cool stuff in that class.

The next term I took a shader class. We had to do a midterm project. I decided to take some of the ideas from the last class and implement them in GLSL.

A faulty result of one of my advecting the image color along a rotation of the greyscale image gradient vector caused the picture to look something like a watercolor version of the original. I decided to soup up my original project, rewriting it as a framebuffer/GPU shader applied per-pixel to the image. This is the result.

Consult the flowchart for further information.

Download the Script Here
Download the Powerpoint Slides Here
Source Code Dependencies OpenGL Lua Shell