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Level Surface Graph

Plots level surfaces in three dimensions. It plots the graph of f(x,y,z) = 0. What that means is, if you want to see a graph of y=sin(x) then you would rewrite it as y-sin(x)=0. Then you'd plug in the part that is equal to zero: "y-sin(x)" - and my program would do the rest. I think I accomplished this by ripping off the code from my isosurface renderer. But I don't really remember, it was all so long ago when I made this: 2002, my sophomore year at college. I wrote this midway through MTH 254: Vector Calculus. The idea was I was too poor (or stingy) to buy a graphing calculator, and I still wanted to see all these nifty functions that our teacher would describe to us. Thus this was born. Ironically I didn't get it working until after I finished the class. Oh well.

Left-click and drag rotate the display
Right-click and drag zoom in and out
Middle-click and drag rotate light source
Download the Windows Binary Here
Download the Source Code Here